Monday, October 31, 2011

My inspiration comes from many places....with the snow that fell over the weekend and seeing all the trees covered with "bright white" I was reminded of why I so often dress my beds as well as table top with white linens and white plates...looks so, so clean and then whatever happens to share it's space has the best background to make it stand out and make it's own "design statement"...stay warm, stay tuned...more to be revealed as I work on DIY's Blog Cabin Maine xo Victoria


  1. Hi Victoria, so you got some snow, in So Jerzee we didn't get any but my sisters up North got a lot...thought I would come to see if you posted a picture of your new baby...Can't wait to get started with the Maine home, since I didn't win the VA I loved that home, but I feel this one is going to steal my heart too...stay warm and safe, Maria

  2. ha, just realized his picture is over there ----->
    oh what a little cutey!! my girl will be 1 in 10 days, but she is too much, gets into everything...can't wait to get going on the Maine home...and see what they have planned for that magnificent home...